Gutball - 48 Hour Game Jam

Gutball was created as a Level Design study - we were trying to create a fun, memorable track in 48 hours

Control a fast-paced nanobot and roll, jump, and navigate through the goat's immune system to cleanse it of infections!

My Roles: Game Designer, Level Designer

Team Size: 3

Duration: 48 Hours

Game Download (



* Designed to be accessible as well as fun on the first play through - minimal challenging segments

* We made sure to teach, test, and challenge basic game mechanics as the level progresses



* The first area is designed around a slide segment which leads into the next, more open area.

* The slide is used as a fun introduction of what lies ahead


Stage 2

* This area carries the primary objective for the demo: to destroy the pustule nodes

* This open playground allows users to play with the ball mechanic as well as tackle a light objective