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What inspired me to get into design?

My childhood was centered around the experiences that were made from playing and believing in games. As a designer, I thrive to create experiences that revive that feeling of bliss we all had while playing games in our youth. Growing up, I never limited my self to one genre or one console - I made an effort to enjoy every game experience I could get my hands on!

Although I loved getting lost in these great worlds, I was always interested in how I could improve the game experience or add a valuable mechanic or feature to the game. I got a job at EB Games as I was pursuing any endeavor that would get me closer to the industry. The job inspired a lot of great conversations on game experiences with customers and it simply heightened my interest to pursue developing games. During this period of my life, I was also making YouTube videos which displayed my very satirical outlook on games and the industry. Speaking to a camera proved to help with my articulation skills and ability to convey ideas on the spot. The year before Sheridan, I attended a four month Co-operative Education term at local animation studio: Smiley Guy Studios.

Sheridan College's Bachelor of Game Design program not only reinforced my knowledge of all elements of game design, level design, visual development, and programming, but the program tested my self as someone who is always interested in learning. After countless design projects and prototypes, I've proven to be great at communicating ideas and working within a constant team environment. I worked a four month Co-operative Education job at the Centre for Elder Research at Sheridan. We developed a unique tablet game which promoted social inclusion in older adults and utilized a one input control scheme for all actions within the game. Salvadora Studios hired me as the primary QA Analyst, and I have been isolating bugs with them for many months now. I consider my self an accomplished problem solver at this point and I'm always eager to improve as an individual and designer. Countless sprint weeks in my program (essentially a 3-4 day game jam) and crunch periods where time was of the essence have led me to become quite good at working under schedules and tight periods of time.

Video games have allowed me to be the most expressive and creative version of my self and I'm so thrilled to finally have the opportunity of working within this fantastic industry. I'm an easy-going developer who has an iron will to succeed. I'm proud to say that I'm someone who is very open to everyone's ideas, I'm someone who's great at adapting to change and I'm always looking for ways to improve the play experience.  

Some of my favorite games:  Resident Evil 1, Shadow of the Colossus, Demon's Souls, Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid 3, Super Mario Galaxy

Other things I do: Think and read a lot, drum obsessively, make my self laugh, make others laugh.